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Remodeling of the Observatory of Human Resources in Health: Identification of perceptions and expectations

Dear participant of the Observatory in HRH

In order to support the implementation of the Strategy on human resources for universal access to health and universal health coverage  (CSP 29/10) and his Plan of action 2018-2023 (CD 56/10), and next to commemorating the 20th anniversary of the Observatory of Human Resources in Health the following questionnaire of perception and expectations has been prepared, in order to remodel the Observatory to meet the challenges of the current context.

We would appreciate your cooperation in answering this questionnaire, which will allow us to identify your information needs, in its role as manager, public policymaker, academic, researcher or interested in the development of human resources for health.

The questionnaire can be completed anonymously (without registration or without logging into the Observatory), but also accessing with your username and password (access data), or creating your profile (create your profile), to be part of the network and receive updated information.

We hope to have your valuable response until the April 30th.


Observatory of HRH Team

Note: The records of the questionnaire will be processed anonymously and wear you strictly for analysis and disclosure of the renovation of the Observatory of HRH.