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Institutional Author: Panamerican Health Organization / World Health Organization

Publication Date: 2014

Summary: Brochure of the Regional Core Competency Framework for Public Health. The development of the Framework is founded within the context of the Essential Public Health Functions (EPHF) initiative, and are considered to be an integral part of the steering role function of the national health authority. For the development of the Framework, the eleven functions were regrouped into five substantive competency domains, with the addition of a sixth domain related to the international and global dimensions of public health. Based on these six substantive domains, the authors defined seven cross-cutting dimensions: planning, management, evaluation, communication, leadership, research and information and communication technology. All of this was crossed with the main areas of practice within health human resources: national health authority, decentralized management, network services management and the community level. The result provided the methodological tool for developing the core competencies based on the following question: What should health human resources know, what should they know how to do and what characteristics should they have in relation to each of the substantive public health domains? The group also took into consideration a series of values for the development of the competencies: equity, equality, social justice, sustainable development, collective health, intersectoriality, inter-disciplinary, gender equality, diversity, self-determination, empowerment and social and community participation.

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