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Health Human Resources Observatory / Observatório Recursos Humanos Saúde
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Belize Human Resources in Health Steering Committee Meeting

Lun, 22/07/2013 - 13:26

The Belize Ministry of Health, in response to the 2005 Toronto call to action for a decade in Human Resources for Health in the Americas, set up the Belize Human Resources for Health Observatory. The Observatory is a multi-stakeholder group drawn up from various Ministries, Educational Institutions, Professional Associations, Private sector and Non-governmental Organizations. The mandate of the Observatory, since its inception in 2006, is to guide policy decisions to ensure that Belize has adequate number of qualified and motivated health workforce, distributed according to the healthcare needs of our people. In furtherance of that objective a Steering Committee and five sub-committee groups with respective Terms of Reference to address specific challenge area weresubsequently created.

The Steering Committee is a technical working group that meets on quarterly basis to review the activities of the Sub-committees, guide the Health Workforce Planning, Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation. Coming out its second quarterly meeting held on July 16th, 2013, the Steering Committee renewed its commitment and is now poised, more than ever before, to advance the Belize Human Resources in Health agenda.

Agenda and presentation