Public Health Leadership: leading the health sector during COVID-19 and beyond - 2020

PAHO and NextGenU launched the new course Public Health Leadership: Leading the health sector during COVID-19 and beyond on October 15th, 2020. 51 officials and health professionals from the ministries of health of 11 countries in the Caribbean are part of the first cohort.

The course aims to contribute to developing a competent and inspiring health leadership workforce for the Caribbean. These skills are fundamental to leadership, especially in times of continuous challenges. 

This course provides comprehensive skill sets and knowledge related to health leadership. Participants will learn about the theoretical foundations of public health leadership and apply their knowledge in meaningful, real-world learning activities, often related to their current work. This course is competency-based, using competencies from the Association of Schools and Programs of Public Health (ASPPH) and the leadership domain from the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH). The course is 11 weeks long, and participants will go through modules of asynchronous and synchronous learning activities.

Course Learning Objectives:

  •  Course Learning Objectives
  •  Apply principles of leadership, governance, management, and collaboration to varied scenarios
  •  Develop mission and vision statements that align with described organizational structures
  •  Apply negotiation and mediation skills to address organizational or community challenges


  •  This offering is oriented to English-proficient Caribbean public health workers in middle management positions.

Course Structure:

  •  Module 1: Introduction to Leadership in public health
  •  Module 2: Ethics
  •  Module 3: Leadership and Systems Thinking
  •  Module 4: Capacity Development
  •  Module 5: Teamwork and Organizational Performance
  •  Module 6: Planning and implementing public health programs in the community
  •  Module 7: Advocacy and Communication

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